The gorgeous costiera amalfitana

The costiera amalfitana is a place where u will fall in love for.
It’s not easy to describe, u have to live this experience for better understanding!!

What is costiera amalfitana?

It’s 50km of road on the sea crossing beatiful cities like Cetara Sul Mare, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, and much, much more. It begins from Positano and it extends up to Vietri Sul Mare city.

Where is it?

It is located in Campania region:

How can I go there?

You can reach the costiera in different ways:

By flight: landing to Naples Capodichino airport, you can go to Sorrento city taking the Curreri bus or taking the Circumvesuviana subway. From Sorrento station you can take SITA autobus, it will cross all the cities beginning from Positano

By train: u must go to Central Naples station, then you can take a train for Salerno. Lastly, from Salerno u can take a ferry boat for Amalfi.

By car: It’s the common way, it is 3-3,5 hours away from Rome

By moto: nice choice!!

Useful tips

From June to August I suggest to rent a scooter for the following reasons:
Traffic agility
City parking ( Positano haves low number of parkings and they are very very expensive – up to 5 euro per hour )
Seaside parking ( some beach parking is hard to deal with a car )

If you can’t rent a scooter or you have kids, don’t worry, you can use the car or you can use the SITA bus.

The story

I went four times in Costiera Amalfitana and each time is like the first time! Here you have plenty of things to do:

1) Visit the cities
2) Go to beatifule beaches ( the best ones are a little bit hidden, you must know them )
3) Take a ferry boat and to visit other isles ( Ischia, Capri )
4) Eat the best food on the world
5) Trekking ( you MUST at least walk some mile on “path of Gods” – “sentiero degli Dei” in italian )
6) Enjoy the people, they are kind with tourists
7) Take a taste of local wine

In four times I saw a lot of things, I’m so happy to share the pictures!!
This is Positano, where u can find beatiful beaches, shopping stores and much much more. You can take “Mulini Square” as interest point.

This is the view from the path of Gods

This is Cetara sul mare beach. Cetara is a small fishing town

This ferry view is near Amalfi

This is a picture of Duomo Square in Amalfi and following the naval port

This is Fiordo di Furore – Furore town

This is my favourite town, Ravello. I completely falled in love for it.
Ravello is one of the highest towns in Costiera Amalfitana. You must absolutely visit: the center, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. If you like the music, you can’t miss the Ravello Festival.

This is Ravello Festival during a musical event

Ravello also has a small beach, is called “Castiglione a Ravello”

Following other pictures taken inside the streets!







This was the view from our hotel in Maiori town:

Let me know if you go in Costiera Amalfitana, I will do my best for help you with your vacation! 😀

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