Amsterdam in January

Last January me and Erika went to Amsterdam for three days. I already went to Amsterdam ten years ago but for Erika that was the first time.
We saw a beatiful, clean, chaotic city 🙂
I love to see how they respect the environment, in any hour there are plenty of bikes running for the city, from North to Sud!!

We took the train from the airport to Amsterdam center, it was quite easy to deal with. We had the hotel near Dam square, 100 meters away from the center

Things to do

1) Rent a bike and move using the cycle paths
2) Visit Anna Frank’s house
3) Visit museums ( Van Gogh, Picasso, sex, diamonds, Rijksmuseum and more )
4) Visit the red light district
5) Take a taste of tabacco and smoke at one of the shopping tabacco malls
6) Visit the zoo
7) Take a boat tour

We began to travel aroung booking a bike. I was so funny !!


You can see some picture I took during our bike tour:


We found one rainy day and we were cold but our will to visit was stronger!
The best views are by night.. Amsterdam is stunning

One night we took a boat tour, it was very funny

If you like to smoke ( we don’t like it ) u will find a paradise. You can smoke drugs without worries. Almost each street has a tobacco shopping mall like this


Amsterdam is full of museums, you can look for museums about: sex, diamonds, Picasso, Van Gogh, and much more.
This picture is taken from national museum, Rijksmuseum. At the end of the tour we could draw a self portrait!

I suggest you to visit Amsterdam, I think the best period in the year is December, you will have big surprises 😀

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