Ski trip in Madonna di Campiglio

One time per year I love to plan a ski trip. I usually go to ski one week in February/March, in Trentino region.
Trentino is an amazing region which several ski cities, you have just to choose where to have fun!

How can I go there?

In this case I suggest to travel to Trento using the train, it’s very comfortable. After the train, you leave the train station and after 5 minutes of walking on the right u will meet a bus station. There you can take a bus and in a couple of hours u will reach Madonna di Campiglio.

Where is Madonna di Campiglio?

It is located in North Italy, Trentino region. This is the car path from Rome

How many ski facilities does have Madonna di Campiglio?
This is the Campiglio map, but you can move to other cities via ski, so I show you a greater map

Trentino has the Dolomiti and you can face stunning views. I love to share some picture taken from my ski trip!!
This was me in the first day, we just arrived there


This is Madonna di Campiglio


Skiing for the cities u will be surprised by the views, u will feel to touch the sky!


Another view is when you cross the cities, u will cross them from the ski paths


During the ski week u will eat food in ski shelters, they usually are on top of some ski path

Do you still miss Trentino region! Go there, winter time or summer time.. just go!

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