New Year’s eve in Rocca Calascio

Have you seen Ladyhawke film?
It was filmed in Rocca Calascio castle, Italy. Here you can find a famous scene where you can see the castle:

Last year, for the New Year’s eve, I planned with Erika to go to Rocca Calascio. We were so curious about the town and the landscapes!
We went a couple of days booking in a B&B, inside the center of the town

Where is Rocca Calascio?

It is in Abruzzo region, this is the car path from Rome


This was near our B&B, in the first night


The second day we went to the castle, walking.. it was funny and exciting, we were completely surrounded from snow mountains


This is the landscape within the castle


The last day we planned an excursion with snowshoes, we were cold but the views payed us back


What can I say more? It was a great New Year’s eve!

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