A weekend in Turano Lake

For the last weekend I planned to travel alone with my moto, in Lazio and Abruzzo regions.
This is the path I planned for Saturday:

It is composited by multiple medieval towns, the last town to visit is Posticciola, where I booked a room for the night.


This is the return path, I planned to circumnavigate the natural reserve, go back to Turano lake and to visit a beatiful town, Cervara di Roma.
This is the path I planned for Sunday:


During the path I faced stunning views like the following:





This is Orvinio where I met a lot of bikers, I took a coffee with them and we spoke about our current trip:


This is the Turano lake from the top of a mountain where I was coming from:


After some kilometer I saw in front of me Castel di Tora medieval town. I left my moto on a street and I began to walk taking pictures and videos because it was an incredible view


After I went to Castel di Tora walking for the medieval streets:


The next place I saw was the Turano dam. This is the lake side:


This is the mountain side:


The small town in the center is Posticciola, where I slept saturday night:


This is my moto on top of the dam:


I was curious to go ahead for some kilometer and I reached Stipes town. This was the lake view from Stipes:

I was a bit tired, so I went to Posticciola town, I wanted to take a bit of relax. Why Posticciola? Because a friend of mine, Paolo, has a house there and he suggested me to visit that town. I must thank Paolo because it was amazing to visit and to sleep in Posticciola!

Following some picture taken from the town:


I also found a dam view:


Sunday I was excited about to see the natural reserve and I faced amazing street views:


These are pictures taken from Collalto Sabino town


In the middle of the day I reached Cervara di Roma, it is the highest town in Lazio region, 1073 meters.
The street views before the town were exciting


These are a couple of pictures taken inside the town

This weekend was great for me, I visited so many towns and I enjoyed to go alone!!

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