The first time in USA – Part one

In 2008 ( when I was 25 years old ) I went for the first time in USA. I was so excited.. everything was new! I went with a friend of mine, Marco: we saw a lot of places in Europe but America was another thing. By the way Marco speaks a fluent english so I did not care too much about the activities we planned, I wanted to learn the “american english” spoken there 🙂

We studied the path but honestly, today, I don’t remember all the details. We planned to visit California and Nevada in 16 days.. we began to travel for San Francisco and after 4 days, we rent a car. What was the funniest thing? We have chosen where to sleep “day by day” because in America u have a lot of choice. This gave us more freedom during our path, incredible!

We took the flight from Rome, after 8 hours we landed to Washington and we took a new flight for San Francisco. In 6 hours we finally reached our first target!

Following ( more or less ) the path we traveled:

We began from San Francisco and we saw several places, for example: Sacramento, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Bishop, Baker, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu.

San Francisco is fantastic, you have plenty of things to do:

– Visit the center

– Drive for the scenic 49 mile

– Move using cable cars

– Visit the acquarium of the bay

– Take a taste of crabs from the famous Fishermans Wharf of San Francisco

– Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

– Visit Alcatraz

– Visit China Town

..and much much more!!

The first thing u will see multiple times is a cable car! This is historical and it’s funny to take:

Moving for the city u will see views like these

I was so curious to see the Golden Gate Bridge.. I also drove over that bridge! Following a couple of pictures

This is Alcatraz view

Have you ever tasted the crab? I don’t like it but in San Francisco you can eat it from one of the moust famous restaurants, Fishermans Wharf

I felt like a child when we visited the Acquarium of the Bay

The fifth day we left San Francisco, our next target was the Yosemite National Park
We drove crossing multiple small towns, but I was very surprised about the streets, they have many lanes compared to Italy.

The closer we got to the Yosemite, more the landscape changed:

We took a break during our trip.. we took some food and a picture!

It was incredible for me to see how many snacks do you have in a street shop

Finally we reached the Yosemite, It was an amazing experience!

Yosemite is composited by multiple parks, and we also visited the sequoia national park and the INYO National Forest:

The first part of the story ends here, soon I will write the second part!

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