Four days in Santorini

Two years ago, for my birthday, I went to Santorini for 4 days, in August. That was my first time in Greece and I must admit.. italian and greek people are very similar. It’s true what they say:

“Italians and Greeks only one face a single race”
You can found this from “Mediterraneo” italian movie, this is the scene:

I had a great time in Santorini: they speak english as we italian do, so we understand each other perfectly! They are very kind to tourists and they also have fabolous food.

Where is Santorini?

It’s located at Southeast from Greece:

Things to do

Where I can start? It’s no easy!! Well, you absolutely must:

– enjoy the sunset each day, they have like a sacred rite about it
– visit the towns, from the smallest to the biggest ( the best and turistics are Fia and Oia )
– visit the beaches, they are amazing ( Red beach, Perivolos, White Beach, Ammoudi bay, and much more )
– take a ferry boat tour
– visit the volcano
– visit ancient temple
– enjoy the food

First of all, I suggest you to rent a scooter or quad bike, in my case I wanted to rent a scooter.

This was the view from the top of the hotel

We enjoyed the first sunset, I did not expect this much!

The second day we rent a scooter, I called it “Terminator” šŸ™‚

We began our tour and we went to a beatiful beach near the hotel.
It was no easy to reach it, we had to walk down for several meters. The view payed us back:

Another beach we saw is one of the most famous in Santorini, the Red Beach:

Thi is Fira, we enjoyed to walk within his small streets and to see the sunset

This is Fira by night:

One funny thing, we began to drive without to follow any particular street. We were amazed by the views!!

The big mountain is Ancient Tera, I thought “let’s go there, what’ll we face?”
This is what we found, the ruins of Ancient Tera:

Down you can see where we left our scooter! We were on the top of the mountain:

It was no easy for me to reach that point ( I suffer dizzines )

We took a ferry boat to the volcano isle

It was very hot walking for the volcano, but it was funny, I also swam in yellow water!

Another beach I suggest to see is Perivolos

We enjoyed the towns near Perivolos zone:

We also met a television troup, they were recording a movie !!

I could not resist to take this picture. Hello sleeping cat!!

The last day we woke up with this view from our room:

It was foggy, I never seen that fog before!!

With out Terminator, we went to Ammoudi Bay, I was so curious to see the water and I was glad to see how it was:

This was our last night in Santorini..

I think you have tons of reasons to plan a vacation in Santorini, I suggest you to think about at least 4/5 days, otherwise it’ll be chaotic to see everything!

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