Lazio Abruzzo and Molise in 2 days – Part two

We woke up in early morning and we drove to Opi medieval town. It’s one of the smallest town we visited during our trip:


One funny thing, we saw in the medieval center the information about old marriages.. the year was 1891!


The next town was Villetta Barrea, it is on top of the Barrea lake. Riding up before reach the town was very amazing because we saw a gorgeous landscape:


We walked inside Villetta Barrea and we enjoyed the medieval environment


After the lunch we drove crossing for a few kilometers Molise region and we came back to Abruzzo and Lazio 🙂
Next stop was about Montecassino Abbacy:


I took a couple of pictures during the descent from the abbacy:

After driving for many kilometers we reached Gaeta city.. we were tired and we walked taking an ice cream. I took the last pictures of this trip:

Traveling for just two days gave me a lot of emotions, driving with a moto is another thing, it let you feels more free!!

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