Lisbona in November

In November 2011 me and Marco planned a 3 days trip to Lisbona. I remember we bought the tickets few days before the flight.. fantastic!
I don’t exactly remember the tour we tought about, but I remember I was impressed by the colors of Lisbona and from the local people, very kind with tourists
I’m afraid of losing the pictures, I just found few of them 😦

The first day we began to visit the center up to S. Jorge Castle:


Facing the first sunset was very cool!


Walking for the city we’ve found christmas shops, I bought a lot of presents for my friends and family 😀


The day after we walked until the evening but we were unlucky because it was rainy.
Just from late afternoon the weather was getting better and I took cool pictures!

These are typical views from Lisbona:


Finally, the second sunset 🙂


The last day we went to Park “Do Tejo” and to the acquarium. We also used the subway


From the acquarium I took a video about a fish I never saw before. The quality is not that good because I used an old camera, but it shows how big that fish is 🙂

The next travel in Portugal I’d like to rent a car and to visit Porto because I heard it’s very beatiful!


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