First time in Germany, Stuttgart in December !!

Two weeks ago I went to Stoccarda for a 3 day training job.
I was so excited, this was the first time I had to go abroad for my job! This also was my first time in Germany, I was so curious about the local people.

I found a beatiful small city, full of happiness about the Christmas, and full of kind local people with tourists 🙂

I had short free time, but enough to walk for the center, having fun for christmas shops!
I took some picture from the christmas shops:

I took the hotel 10km away from the center, I liked the idea to stay a bit away from the chaos and unlike the center there was the snow 😀
This was the view of the station where I left the train going to the job:

The last evening I had a bit of free time, I walked around my hotel, I founded a small center!

I wanted to stay at least one more day but I could not 😦

This was a good experience, job side and travel side. I’m very satisfied!! I will come back to the Germany 😀
See you soon Stuttgart!!

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