New Year’s Eve in a mountain cabin!

This New Year’s Eve me and Erika went with some friends to Campo Felice, a ski facility. We began to have a dinner in a beatiful and small mountain cabin:

The plan was:

– meet with the other friends at the parking
– wear the skis
– take the chair lift and reach the cabin
– wear the shoes and enjoy the dinner
– after the dinner and the party wear the skis and to ski for a torclight procession!

The cabin had a great food and we had a lot of fun with the music!

( sorry for the video format but I was a bit drunk 😀 )

Each time we went out we were cold, outside the cabin it was -6 °C

The day after we visited small villages, fallin in love for the landscapes!

This was the first time for me in a cabin mountain and to ski for a torclight procession, it was very fun!! I hope to repeat the experience!! 🙂
Thank you Fabrizio for your invitation! 😀

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