Third time in USA – Part one

Three years ago I went in USA for the third time!!!
I went with friends, we planned to stay four days in New York and a week in San Diego where another friend were waiting for us

This trip began very bad for me because I forgot my passport in the taxi! I knew I had lost it during the check-in in the hotel. I was looking for it everywhere when I remembered about it inside the taxi 😦
After the flight, the line in the airport, the checks at the airport and the taxi, I was very tired and sleeping I forgot it. My bad!
Fortunately several hours later, with the help of the hotel, the taxi came back to me giving my lovely passport 😀

We had a goal about New York: to see the main attractions in four days. I’m talking about:

– Time Square
– Statue of Liberty
– 9/11 Memorial – Museum – Freedom Tower
– Empire State Building
– Brooklyn bridge
– Central Park
– Flatiron building
– New York Stock Exchange
– Wall Street bull
– 5th Avenue
– Rockfeller Center
– Museums
– Taking the most famous metro in the world
– Take a bus tour
– Chinatown
– Little Italy
– Top of the Rock
– Hell’s Kitchen
– Harlem

We tried as the best we could, but we were unable to see all the main attractions, I think is better less attractions without running for the whole day! In this case U can’t see them even in a week, u really need more days in my opinion. For example there are museums with 1 milion objects inside, 1 milion!!!! Just this museum will take a week or more

We booked our hotel in Time Square. I never saw something like this before: 24 hour per day of lights,advertisings and full of people!
This was the view from our room:


This is me and the one on the right is Daniele

I took this video in Time Square


This is walking in New York in the night 🙂


The first place we visited was the Rockfeller Center in Manhattan. It has 70 floors with 266 meters in height!


The day after we visited the 9/11 area with the museum. Today there are still discussion about inside job or terrorists attack but watching with my eyes those holes.. it was not easy.
Each hole is where before there was a tower:


We went to the museum area and we saw the new freedom tower:


This was our agenda 🙂


Another interesting area is Wall Street!


Have you ever seen a cathedral in the middle of skyscrapers? In New York you can!! It’s the S. Patrick Cathedral


Walking for the city we also visited the Statue of Liberty in Ellis Island. I watched it before in television.. having it in front of me was a bit stranger! 🙂
This is a video I took during our ferry boat trip to Ellis Island:


Here it is, we also had a great New York view


The first part ends here.. the second part will begin from a place I never expected to see!

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