Third time in USA – Part three

We took a flight from New York to San Diego. The first thing we did in San Diego was to rent a car, I already had been there for my friends that was the first time in California! So, I wanted to show them what I saw and what I remembered about my trip years ago

This was our car!


We began to see San Diego bay museum:


We met Riccardo, a friend of Daniele. He showed us the typical californian beaches and areas:


Look this awesome sunset !!

Having the car we wanted to see Newport Beach, we remembered the OC tv series and we were excited about to see Newport Beach!!


“California here we goooo”

We had to choices about to reach Newport Beach: going ahead driving or using a auto ferry. I must admit: I felt myself happy like a child using the auto ferry!! It was very small and it moved slowely, we had all the time to watch around us and to relax.

Following some picture taken from Newport Beach:

Finally we visited the center!!

The last day we went to Los Angeles and Hollywood, walking for the walk of fame:


Goodbye Los Angeles:


The flight back to Rome was very boring, 12 hours where I could not sleep as I wanted
Actually I have been three times in USA, and I saw a lot of things. Next time I would like to visit the Canada!! 😀

6 thoughts on “Third time in USA – Part three

      1. that’s great! I could suggest you several places, from North to South. Let me know about the next time u’ll come in Italt, I will help you planning your vacation!! 🙂


      2. Travel is always a great experience. If I can help, I’ll do it for sure 😊
        In the meanwhile I hope you can see something interesting in the section “Italian Stories”. I try to add more as possibile !


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