First time in Japan – Part one

This year Erika celebrated 30 years old and I made her a special present.. a Japan trip during the cherry blossom period!! I bought the flight tickets 9 months before the departure, I found a direct path from Rome to Tokyo in almost 13 hours as flight, nice! I planned 21 days from the end of March up to the end of April, this was the full tour we studied:

1) Tokyo: 5 days
2) Nikko: 2 days
3) Kyoto: 4 days
4) Nara: 1 day
5) Koya-san: 1 day
5) Osaka: 2 days
6) Takayama: 2 days
7) Tokyo: 4 days

What I also bought:

– Japan Rail pass ( I bought a couple of them. A Rail Pass is a pass that covers the 90% of the Japan trains. It does not cover local subways and “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains. But due to our planning, it was a great choice. Do you need more info about it? You can check websites like this )

– Excursions ( you will see the picture and the details in the next posts !! )

– Wi-fi router ( Due to the japanese language characters you can’t download offline maps via google map, so I rent a wi-fi router for the whole trip. I immediatelly tought about it as a mandatory choice, and during the trip we used it each day, starting from maps up to reserving tickets, restaurants, and much more! It was not expensive as rent, for 21 days I took the best quality and I payed 90 euros. Here you can find more details )

Let’s begin with this story!

We were very excited about this trip, especially me because I’m a huge fan of manga and anime, I like to explore new mangas, they are fantastic πŸ™‚

The flight from Rome to Tokyo was very good, we were lucky to know a japanese girl called Mika, we asked her tons of tips and we also enjoyed what she said us about japanese culture, food, history and manga πŸ˜€

She was very delicious with us, she spoke with me and Erika hours and hours, we stressed her!!
In the Tokyo airport I wanted to take a picture with her. I have to say again: thank you Mika-san for your councils, arigato-gosaimas πŸ™‚

We finally reached our hotel in Tokyo and I was very curious about the wc! The japanese wc is fantastic: it is hot and with the buttons you can adjust the intensity or the flow of the water u will use!! You can also have a wc with the music

Here I took the first video in Tokyo, I recorded the first check-in πŸ™‚

During the check-in we found the router we rent from Rome, everything was perfect! Within the router I also found a 100% powered power bank, incredible! This was the unboxing

In that moment it was morning in Japan and we could not still sleep ( we made almost 13 hours flight, airports checks, we took the subway and we made the hotel check-in. We also were +7 hours as time compared to Rome!! ) so we left the hotel going to eat, we wanted to take a taste about the Ramen!! We found a small place ( during the days we saw each restaurant is very small, each usually has 8-10 seats ). The ramen was very very good


This was the place outside:


We used this machine for the order:


We enjoyed the restaurant because u are in front of the kitchen and you can see how they work on your ramen, especially when u see how the noodles are hand made!



After the lunch we went in a park where Mika said to absolutely visit, especially due to the cherry blossom. We took the subway and inside I saw everything clean ( better than my home ) and videos about Mario Bros πŸ™‚

Following some picture about the Nakameguro Park ( thank you again Mika for this tip! ):

The first big attraction we saw in Tokyo was the Senso-ji Temple, beginning from the Kaminarimon gate:


We also found others small temples in the same area. I joined one temple!


We bought two diaries for the stamps because in Japan, for each temple you visit, you can pay for a stamp of that temple and it’s very beautiful to see, each stamp is hand made and they do it in front of you.
I came back to Rome with a full stamps diary πŸ™‚

Usually in each temple you can buy omamori, to hope for a better luck in the life!

The Senso-ji temple also has a park and it was full of local shops:

Within the shops we were curious about some local food!


Here I was more warried than curious!!


Thinking about the dinner we left the temple and we saw a “local” transport πŸ™‚


We wanted to eat some sushi, the real sushi! This was our restaurant for the first dinner in Tokyo:

We came back to our hotel full satisfied about the first day πŸ™‚

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