Weekend in Ponza and Palmarola isles via boat

Recently I joined friends in a weekend on boat! We went to Ponza and Palmarola isles, for me that was the first time passing three days on a boat. But, first of all, let’s see where are these isles:



This isle is a small treasure, surrounded by an awesome water!

We took a ferry boat from Anzio, and in almost two hours we arrived in Ponza.  There, a friend of ours was waiting us on his boat. We formed two groups: the first ( me included ) slept in Ponza, the second slept in the boat. Unfortunately I suffer the boat, so I was not comfortable to sleep there. Anyway I planned to use a medicine for the day, so I could be relaxed and enjoy the fun! I just slept in Ponza, so I did not have the time to take good pictures, I just took a couple:


Following pictures taken from the boat, surrounding Ponza:


Hello all!

I must admit.. having a lunch and dinner on a boat is unexpectedly amazing. You can eat and at same time watching  landscapes!!

What about the dinner? I tried to take some picture of Ponza but I realized that it was not easy

The days after we also reached the second isle, Palmarola, and we completely falled in love for it. I never saw a clear water like that, never!


Going back to Anzio I did not take the ferry boat I payed for, I used to stay on the same boat with my friends. It was a long trip, 5+ hours but I enjoyed it, I worked hard on my stomach suffering 😀

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