Lazio Abruzzo and Molise in 2 days – Part one

Two years ago me and a friend of mine, Rocco, planned a 2 days trip with our moto. We tought about many paths, but lastly we chose to drive crossing Lazio Abruzzo and Molise italian regions. Wow!

This is the path we traveled:


We tought about to close the first day and to sleep in Avezzano city.
During our trip we unexpectedly saw a lot of medieval towns, they were amazing. I’m speaking about Opi, Barrea, Vallepietra and much more!


Our first stop was in Subiaco


These are a couple of pictures taken inside the town


Walking up to the highest point in Subiaco we faced beatiful views:


This is me!


After Subiaco we chose Jenne as our next stop. Before to reach Jenne we took a break because we could not to resist about taking pictures to the landscape around us:


This is me again, more excited than before!! 🙂

We reached Jenne and one time again we said “wow!”. This was in front of us

Have you ever eaten near a small river? This was my first time. For launch Rocco suggested to eat in a typical place called “Trattoria La Noce”

This was our table 🙂

After the launch we reached the highest point of Vallepietra. Vallepietra it’s famous for his sanctuary inside the mountain

Look the landscape:


Next we saw Trevi nel Lazio Fall, in italian ‘cascate di Trevi nel Lazio’
It is a small fall reachable in a parkland area, after 10 minutes of walking.
This was the first view

This was a short video I took


We were reaching Avezzano when we saw it bottom:

The street during the last kilometers was amazing, we were completely surrounded by the mountains:

The firt part ends here! The second part will begin from Avezzano

The second time in USA – Part two

We drove to Daytona International Speedway! I’m sure u saw it from multiple movies, for example:


Hello Daytona!


We could not see any race, in that day there was a cars open market! I saw a lot of strange cars 🙂


We also went to the Daytona beach and leaving the city, we enjoyed the sunset 🙂

Crossing Orlando we took a break walking for Magic Kingdom!! Once again, I felt myself as a child ^^

Marco spoke me about Sarasota but I never imagined to see a white beach like this in Florida. I found that Sarasota has the whitest beaches in the USA

We found this.. hey man I hope she said YES!! 😀


This is the sand from Sarasota.. I saved it in a glass and took back in my home, in Rome 🙂


After Sarasota we drove to the South, beginning to cross the Isle keys! Think about to drive in a street in the middle of the ocean.. it’s unreal!!

I enjoyed Key West, the last isle and its southest point in USA. In one of the last days we took a breakfast with some guest.. I never saw them in front of me before!!


These picures are taken from Key West


We went back to Miami for our flight to Rome.. once again I felt sad leaving the USA and coming back to home.
Goodbye Florida, me and Marco are still asking about Kokomo Beach, where is it!?

The second time in USA – Part one

In 2009, one year after California and Nevada tour, me and Marco planned a new american trip, this time we tought about 16 days in Florida and Keys isles!
Speaking about 9 years ago, I don’t remember all the details, but I can’t forget that vacation. Even this time It was no easy to deal with more than 500 pictures, so I took a selection about them.

Following ( more or less ) the path we traveled:


We began to travel from Miami, renting a car. Some of the places we visited was:

– Nasa complex visitor
– Everglades Nation park
– Orlando
– Sarasota ( the best white beach in the USA )
– Daytona
– Keys Isles ( drive in a single street in the middle of the ocean is amazing )
– Key West ( as the southest point in the USA )


Also this time I was funny because I often needed to change my clothes, one day I was cold, another one I wore a t-shirt because it was hot. Driving from South Florida to North Florida and coming back to South again changes everything!

After landing in Miami, from Rome, we rent a car and we went to our hotel. This was the view from our hotel


This is Marco near our car!


The first place we visited was the famous South Beach. It has beatiful beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, but the real Miami is in the night 🙂

I was curious to see the a couple of places:

– Where Gianni Versace was killed


– Where Tony Montana fought during a drug/money exchange. The scene is from Scarface movie


This is the place today


After two days we left Miami, this was the last view of Miami:


We went to Everglades National Park. It’s huge park where u meet more crocodiles than people!
We took an airboat tour, it was very funny!! I never tought about myself in Florida on top of an airboat 😀

( I forgot to say.. in the middle of the places we saw, we usually took a break buying clothes or suovenir. After a few days our car was full as in the picture! )

I could not wait about to see Nasa complex visitor.. it was like a dream!! Here we gooo!!!

I did not expect this much from that complex, because it was full of models, musemus, and historical rooms. Walking for the rooms u are surrounded by models and informations about each mission, WOW! U also see how astronauts eat in the space, how they go to restroom ( everything without gravity ) and how they train before go to the space.

The firt part ends here! The second part will begin from Daytona 😀

Four days in Santorini

Two years ago, for my birthday, Erika gave me a trip to Santorini. WOW, I never expexted such a present!!
We went to Santorini for 4 days, in August. That was my first time in Greece and I must admit.. italian and greek people are very similar. It’s true what they say:

“Italians and Greeks only one face a single race”
You can found this from “Mediterraneo” italian movie, this is the scene:

I had a great time in Santorini: they speak english as we italian do, so we understand each other perfectly! They are very kind to tourists and they also have fabolous food.

Where is Santorini?

It’s located at Southeast from Greece:


Things to do

Where I can start? It’s no easy!! Well, you absolutely must:

– enjoy the sunset each day, they have like a sacred rite about it
– visit the towns, from the smallest to the biggest ( the best and turistics are Fia and Oia )
– visit the beaches, they are amazing ( Red beach, Perivolos, White Beach, Ammoudi bay, and much more )
– take a ferry boat tour
– visit the volcano
– visit ancient temple
– enjoy the food

First of all, I suggest you to rent a scooter or quad bike, in my case I wanted to rent a scooter.

This is the happiness when we landed in Santorini, we could not wait to begin the vacation!!


This was our hotel, I must thank Erika again and again!


This was the view from the top of the hotel

We enjoyed the first sunset, I did not expect this much!

The second day we rent a scooter, I called it “Terminator” 🙂


We began our tour and we went to a beatiful beach near the hotel.
It was no easy to reach it, we had to walk down for several meters. The view payed us back:

Another beach we saw is one of the most famous in Santorini, the Red Beach:

Thi is Fira, we enjoyed to walk within his small streets and to see the sunset

This is Fira by night:

One funny thing, we began to drive without to follow any particular street. We were amazed by the views!!

The big mountain is Ancient Tera, I said to Erika “let’s go there, what’ll we face?”
This is what we found, the ruins of Ancient Tera:

Down you can see where we left our scooter! We were on the top of the mountain:

It was no easy for me to reach that point ( I suffer dizzines )

We took a ferry boat to the volcano isle

It was very hot walking for the volcano, but it was funny, I also swam in yellow water!

Another beach I suggest to see is Perivolos

We enjoyed the towns near Perivolos zone:

We also met a television troup, they were recording a movie !!

I could not resist to take this picture. Hello sleeping cat!!

The last day we woke up with this view from our room:

It was foggy, I never seen that fog before!!

With out Terminator, we went to Ammoudi Bay, I was so curious to see the water and I was glad to see how it was:

This was our last night in Santorini..

I think you have tons of reasons to plan a vacation in Santorini, I suggest you to think about at least 4/5 days, otherwise it’ll be chaotic to see everything!

The first time in USA – Part two

We drove to the Death Valley and we faced a single road, straight for more than 200km!
I was so excited about the landscapes and I was impressed by the desert we were crossing. First of all, imagine to drive from hours and to met just 1 or 2 cars in the opposite direction. Second, the temperature was very very hot. During our breaks we could not hear any noise, or wind, nothing of nothing!! It was unreal that silence.
We also saw some street shopping with the “missing” posters, I tought to be like in a movie.

Following some picture taken during this path

I took a picture of navigator, of how many kilometers we should drove straight before take the right!

And of course, the temparature outside the car ( 100F = 37°C )

Death Valley here we go!!

Finally we reached the Death Valley and the Nevada state!!

What’s after!? LAS VEGAS!! We stayed there only for one day and one night, because we saw our time per target was drammatically decreasing. When you plan ‘x’ days for a city and you stay ‘x+2’ you must remove these ‘2’ days from another city 😦

Las Vegas is the city where EVERYTHING is possible and where u can met each type of person. First of all we reached our hotel, the Luxor
I said “what?” That hotel is a small town!!

These are some picture from Las Vegas 😀

What’s after? Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica!!!
But first we went to Universal Studios
As a movies fan, I saw many film environment like Terminator, Waterwold, Jaws, War Of the Worlds, and much more

I was so happy!!

As the last part of the trip we enjoyed the famous Californian beaches

What’s more? I wanted to see more places like Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and I wanted to stay more days there.
When I took the flight back from San Francisco, I was so sad! I tought “How can I share what I saw? How can I talk about lakes, beaches, cities, towns, desert, forests?”
You can’t understand unless you plan a trip like this. That’s why I say California and Nevada must be visited at least one time!

The first time in USA – Part one

In 2008 ( when I was 25 years old ) I went for the first time in USA. I was so excited.. everything was new! I went with a friend of mine, Marco: we saw a lot of places in Europe but America was another thing. By the way Marco speaks a fluent english so I did not care too much about the activities we planned, I wanted to learn the “american english” spoken there 🙂

We studied the path but honestly, today, I don’t remember all the details. We planned to visit California and Nevada in 16 days.. we began to travel for San Francisco and after 4 days, we rent a car. What was the funniest thing? We have chosen where to sleep “day by day” because in America u have a lot of choice. This gave us more freedom during our path, incredible!

We took the flight from Rome, after 8 hours we landed to Washington and we took a new flight for San Francisco. In 6 hours we finally reached our first target!

Following ( more or less ) the path we traveled:

We began from San Francisco and we saw several places, for example: Sacramento, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Bishop, Baker, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Malibu.

San Francisco is fantastic, you have plenty of things to do:

– Visit the center

– Drive for the scenic 49 mile

– Move using cable cars

– Visit the acquarium of the bay

– Take a taste of crabs from the famous Fishermans Wharf of San Francisco

– Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

– Visit Alcatraz

– Visit China Town

..and much much more!!

The first thing u will see multiple times is a cable car! This is historical and it’s funny to take:

Moving for the city u will see views like these

I was so curious to see the Golden Gate Bridge.. I also drove over that bridge! Following a couple of pictures

This is Alcatraz view

Have you ever tasted the crab? I don’t like it but in San Francisco you can eat it from one of the moust famous restaurants, Fishermans Wharf

I felt like a child when we visited the Acquarium of the Bay

The fifth day we left San Francisco, our next target was the Yosemite National Park
We drove crossing multiple small towns, but I was very surprised about the streets, they have many lanes compared to Italy.

The closer we got to the Yosemite, more the landscape changed:

We took a break during our trip.. we took some food and a picture!

It was incredible for me to see how many snacks do you have in a street shop

Finally we reached the Yosemite, It was an amazing experience!

Yosemite is composited by multiple parks, and we also visited the sequoia national park and the INYO National Forest:

The first part of the story ends here, soon I will write the second part!

A weekend in Turano Lake

For the last weekend I planned to travel alone with my moto, in Lazio and Abruzzo regions.
This is the path I planned for Saturday:

It is composited by multiple medieval towns, the last town to visit is Posticciola, where I booked a room for the night.


This is the return path, I planned to circumnavigate the natural reserve, go back to Turano lake and to visit a beatiful town, Cervara di Roma.
This is the path I planned for Sunday:


During the path I faced stunning views like the following:





This is Orvinio where I met a lot of bikers, I took a coffee with them and we spoke about our current trip:


This is the Turano lake from the top of a mountain where I was coming from:


After some kilometer I saw in front of me Castel di Tora medieval town. I left my moto on a street and I began to walk taking pictures and videos because it was an incredible view


After I went to Castel di Tora walking for the medieval streets:


The next place I saw was the Turano dam. This is the lake side:


This is the mountain side:


The small town in the center is Posticciola, where I slept saturday night:


This is my moto on top of the dam:


I was curious to go ahead for some kilometer and I reached Stipes town. This was the lake view from Stipes:

I was a bit tired, so I went to Posticciola town, I wanted to take a bit of relax. Why Posticciola? Because a friend of mine, Paolo, has a house there and he suggested me to visit that town. I must thank Paolo because it was amazing to visit and to sleep in Posticciola!

Following some picture taken from the town:


I also found a dam view:


Sunday I was excited about to see the natural reserve and I faced amazing street views:


These are pictures taken from Collalto Sabino town


In the middle of the day I reached Cervara di Roma, it is the highest town in Lazio region, 1073 meters.
The street views before the town were exciting


These are a couple of pictures taken inside the town

This weekend was great for me, I visited so many towns and I enjoyed to go alone!!