Third time in USA – Part three

We took a flight from New York to San Diego. The first thing we did in San Diego was to rent a car, I already had been there but for Erika and Daniele that was the first time in California! So, I wanted to show them what I saw and what I remembered about my trip years ago

This was our car!


We began to see San Diego bay museum:


We met Riccardo, a friend of Daniele and Erika. He showed us the typical californian beaches and areas:


Look this awesome sunset !!

Having the car we wanted to see Newport Beach, we remembered the OC tv series and we were excited about to see Newport Beach!!


“California here we goooo”

We had to choices about to reach Newport Beach: going ahead driving or using a auto ferry. I must admit: I felt myself happy like a child using the auto ferry!! It was very small and it moved slowely, we had all the time to watch around us and to relax.

Following some picture taken from Newport Beach:

Finally we visited the center!!


We stayed there for the whole day, but moving back to the auto ferry I took a video!! I can’t forget those moments:


The last day we went to Los Angeles and Hollywood, walking for the walk of fame:


Goodbye Los Angeles:


The flight back to Rome was very boring, 12 hours where I could not sleep as I wanted
Actually I have been three times in USA, and I saw a lot of things. Next time I would like to visit the Canada!! 😀

Third time in USA – Part two

Coming back to the hotel we saw a Bubba Gump restaurant!! I could not believe it!!!
I’m a fan of Forrest Gump movie and I did not know about the Bubba Gump restaurants.
Following some pictures of the restaurant:

We enjoyed the food, in the shop I bought a t-shirt, today I still wear it 😀

The next day we rent a bike for Central Park, it was amazing. We moved for hours inside the park, I never seen a clean park like that before:

Hello squirrel! In Italy we don’t see squirrels in the parks, it’s very uncommon:

After the park we visited the Empire State Building, I was excited about it!!

The night view was stunning

The last day in New York we took a guided bus tour and we bought souvernis.
We had the time to see the flatiron building:

The second part ends here, the third part will begin from San Diego, California 🙂

Third time in USA – Part one

Three years ago I went in USA for the third time!!!
I went with Erika and my brother in law, Daniele. We planned to stay four days in New York and a week in San Diego where Erika and Daniele would met a friend of theirs.

This trip began very bad for me because I forgot my passport in the taxi! I knew I had lost it during the check-in in the hotel. I was looking for it everywhere when I remembered about it inside the taxi 😦
After the flight, the line in the airport, the checks at the airport and the taxi, I was very tired and sleeping I forgot it. My bad!
Fortunately several hours later, with the help of the hotel, the taxi came back to me giving my lovely passport 😀

We had a goal about New York: to see the main attractions in four days. I’m talking about:

– Time Square
– Statue of Liberty
– 9/11 Memorial – Museum – Freedom Tower
– Empire State Building
– Brooklyn bridge
– Central Park
– Flatiron building
– New York Stock Exchange
– Wall Street bull
– 5th Avenue
– Rockfeller Center
– Museums
– Taking the most famous metro in the world
– Take a bus tour
– Chinatown
– Little Italy
– Top of the Rock
– Hell’s Kitchen
– Harlem

We tried as the best we could, but we were unable to see all the main attractions, I think is better less attractions without running for the whole day! In this case U can’t see them even in a week, u really need more days in my opinion. For example there are museums with 1 milion objects inside, 1 milion!!!! Just this museum will take a week

We booked our hotel in Time Square. I never saw something like this before: 24 hour per day of lights,advertisings and full of people!
This was the view from our room:


This is me and the one on the right is Daniele

I took this video in Time Square


This is walking in New York in the night 🙂


The first place we visited was the Rockfeller Center in Manhattan. It has 70 floors with 266 meters in height!


The day after we visited the 9/11 area with the museum. Today there are still discussion about inside job or terrorists attack but watching with my eyes those holes.. it was not easy.
Each hole is where before there was a tower:


We went to the museum area and we saw the new freedom tower:


This was our agenda 🙂


Another interesting area is Wall Street!


I hope this gave us a bit of luck 😀

Have you ever seen a cathedral in the middle of skyscrapers? In New York you can!! It’s the S. Patrick Cathedral


Walking for the city we also visited the Statue of Liberty in Ellis Island. I watched it before in television.. having it in front of me was a bit stranger! 🙂
This is a video I took during our ferry boat trip to Ellis Island:


Here it is, we also had a great New York view

Hi Erika and Daniele 🙂

The first part ends here.. the second part will begin from a place I never expected to see!

First time in Germany, Stuttgart in December !!

Two weeks ago I went to Stoccarda for a 3 day training job.
I was so excited, this was the first time I had to go abroad for my job! This also was my first time in Germany, I was so curious about the local people.

I found a beatiful small city, full of happiness about the Christmas, and full of kind local people with tourists 🙂

I had short free time, but enough to walk for the center, having fun for christmas shops!
I took some picture from the christmas shops:

I took the hotel 10km away from the center, I liked the idea to stay a bit away from the chaos and unlike the center there was the snow 😀
This was the view of the station where I left the train going to the job:

The last evening I had a bit of free time, I walked around my hotel, I founded a small center!

I wanted to stay at least one more day but I could not 😦

This was a good experience, job side and travel side. I’m very satisfied!! I will come back to the Germany 😀
See you soon Stuttgart!!

Lisbona in November

In November 2011 me and Marco planned a 3 days trip to Lisbona. I remember we bought the tickets few days before the flight.. fantastic!
I don’t exactly remember the tour we tought about, but I remember I was impressed by the colors of Lisbona and from the local people, very kind with tourists
I’m afraid of losing the pictures, I just found few of them 😦

The first day we began to visit the center up to S. Jorge Castle:


Facing the first sunset was very cool!


Walking for the city we’ve found christmas shops, I bought a lot of presents for my friends and family 😀


The day after we walked until the evening but we were unlucky because it was rainy.
Just from late afternoon the weather was getting better and I took cool pictures!

These are typical views from Lisbona:


Finally, the second sunset 🙂


The last day we went to Park “Do Tejo” and to the acquarium. We also used the subway


From the acquarium I took a video about a fish I never saw before. The quality is not that good because I used an old camera, but it shows how big that fish is 🙂

The next travel in Portugal I’d like to rent a car and to visit Porto because I heard it’s very beatiful!


The second time in USA – Part two

We drove to Daytona International Speedway! I’m sure u saw it from multiple movies, for example:


Hello Daytona!


We could not see any race, in that day there was a cars open market! I saw a lot of strange cars 🙂


We also went to the Daytona beach and leaving the city, we enjoyed the sunset 🙂

Crossing Orlando we took a break walking for Magic Kingdom!! Once again, I felt myself as a child ^^

Marco spoke me about Sarasota but I never imagined to see a white beach like this in Florida. I found that Sarasota has the whitest beaches in the USA

We found this.. hey man I hope she said YES!! 😀


This is the sand from Sarasota.. I saved it in a glass and took back in my home, in Rome 🙂


After Sarasota we drove to the South, beginning to cross the Isle keys! Think about to drive in a street in the middle of the ocean.. it’s unreal!!

I enjoyed Key West, the last isle and its southest point in USA. In one of the last days we took a breakfast with some guest.. I never saw them in front of me before!!


These picures are taken from Key West


We went back to Miami for our flight to Rome.. once again I felt sad leaving the USA and coming back to home.
Goodbye Florida, me and Marco are still asking about Kokomo Beach, where is it!?

The second time in USA – Part one

In 2009, one year after California and Nevada tour, me and Marco planned a new american trip, this time we tought about 16 days in Florida and Keys isles!
Speaking about 9 years ago, I don’t remember all the details, but I can’t forget that vacation. Even this time It was no easy to deal with more than 500 pictures, so I took a selection about them.

Following ( more or less ) the path we traveled:


We began to travel from Miami, renting a car. Some of the places we visited was:

– Nasa complex visitor
– Everglades Nation park
– Orlando
– Sarasota ( the best white beach in the USA )
– Daytona
– Keys Isles ( drive in a single street in the middle of the ocean is amazing )
– Key West ( as the southest point in the USA )


Also this time I was funny because I often needed to change my clothes, one day I was cold, another one I wore a t-shirt because it was hot. Driving from South Florida to North Florida and coming back to South again changes everything!

After landing in Miami, from Rome, we rent a car and we went to our hotel. This was the view from our hotel


This is Marco near our car!


The first place we visited was the famous South Beach. It has beatiful beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, but the real Miami is in the night 🙂

I was curious to see the a couple of places:

– Where Gianni Versace was killed


– Where Tony Montana fought during a drug/money exchange. The scene is from Scarface movie


This is the place today


After two days we left Miami, this was the last view of Miami:


We went to Everglades National Park. It’s huge park where u meet more crocodiles than people!
We took an airboat tour, it was very funny!! I never tought about myself in Florida on top of an airboat 😀

( I forgot to say.. in the middle of the places we saw, we usually took a break buying clothes or suovenir. After a few days our car was full as in the picture! )

I could not wait about to see Nasa complex visitor.. it was like a dream!! Here we gooo!!!

I did not expect this much from that complex, because it was full of models, musemus, and historical rooms. Walking for the rooms u are surrounded by models and informations about each mission, WOW! U also see how astronauts eat in the space, how they go to restroom ( everything without gravity ) and how they train before go to the space.

The firt part ends here! The second part will begin from Daytona 😀