New Year’s Eve in a mountain cabin!

This New Year’s Eve me and Erika went with some friends to Campo Felice, a ski facility. We began to have a dinner in a beatiful and small mountain cabin:

The plan was:

– meet with the other friends at the parking
– wear the skis
– take the chair lift and reach the cabin
– wear the shoes and enjoy the dinner
– after the dinner and the party wear the skis and to ski for a torclight procession!

The cabin had a great food and we had a lot of fun with the music!

( sorry for the video format but I was a bit drunk 😀 )

Each time we went out we were cold, outside the cabin it was -6 °C

The day after we visited small villages, fallin in love for the landscapes!

This was the first time for me in a cabin mountain and to ski for a torclight procession, it was very fun!! I hope to repeat the experience!! 🙂
Thank you Fabrizio for your invitation! 😀

New Year’s eve in Rocca Calascio

Have you seen Ladyhawke film?
It was filmed in Rocca Calascio castle, Italy. Here you can find a famous scene where you can see the castle:

Last year, for the New Year’s eve, I planned with Erika to go to Rocca Calascio. We were so curious about the town and the landscapes!
We went a couple of days booking in a B&B, inside the center of the town

Where is Rocca Calascio?

It is in Abruzzo region, this is the car path from Rome


This was near our B&B, in the first night


The second day we went to the castle, walking.. it was funny and exciting, we were completely surrounded from snow mountains


This is the landscape within the castle


The last day we planned an excursion with snowshoes, we were cold but the views payed us back


What can I say more? It was a great New Year’s eve!

Welcome to my Marche

Before I was born my parents bought a house in a small town in Marche region. A long time ago I was with my relatives and I have beatiful memories about that days.
When I have a free weekend I go there to visit the cities and to stay with my relatives

How can I go there?

The best choice is to move freely with a car

What can I visit there?

You have plenty of choices: San Marino, Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Urbino, Frasassi caves, Borgo Pace natural pools, gola del Furlo, Gradara and his castle ( I mean about the history of Paolo and Francesca from Dante Alighieri’s hell), San Leo, Conero local park ( it has Amazing beaches ) and much more!

What I am talkin about? Let’s begin with the first city, Belforte all’Isauro. This is the car path from Rome:


These are a couple of pictures from Belforte all’Isauro

Belforte has a historycal castle, this picture is taken on top of it


Do you like to swim in natural pools? Borgo Pace is perfect for you! It has multiple natural pools and the water is fantastic


Most of the time you are driving in those places, you’ll deal with amazing views like these


You can’t miss Gola del Furlo, it’s beatiful to visit and if you like trekking u’ll fall in love for it. It has several trekking paths


Walking for one of those trekking paths u’ll have a stunning view


This is a video taken from a friend. I was scary about the height !!


Another place you can’t miss is San Marino, I suggest you to park the car and take the cableway


Have you ever heard about Frasassi caves? I suggest you to visit them!
Here we were following the guide before to begin the tour

This is some picture taken from the caves

Another place to visit it Gradara town, you must take a look at his famous castle, inside you can look at Paolo and Francesca’s stories

These are a couple of pictures taken from inside the castle

Recently I found another beatiful town, the smallest among the previous ones. His name is San Leo.
Basically is a mix of streets, squares, churches and on top of the town there is a historical castle!
This is the view from the Street ( 1 km away )


This is one of the interests point

Another detail: if you look around you, you will see mountains around the town, everywhere!!

There are more and more towns to visit!
And in each month of the year u will deal with food festivals, u will take a taste of local food, I strongly suggest to eat everything 😀

The gorgeous costiera amalfitana

The costiera amalfitana is a place where u will fall in love for.
It’s not easy to describe, u have to live this experience for better understanding!!
The first time me ad Erika went there, we tought about to marry in Ravello 🙂

What is costiera amalfitana?

It’s 50km of road on the sea crossing beatiful cities like Cetara Sul Mare, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, and much, much more. It begins from Positano and it extends up to Vietri Sul Mare city.

Where is it?

It is located in Campania region:

How can I go there?

You can reach the costiera in different ways:

By flight: landing to Naples Capodichino airport, you can go to Sorrento city taking the Curreri bus or taking the Circumvesuviana subway. From Sorrento station you can take SITA autobus, it will cross all the cities beginning from Positano

By train: u must go to Central Naples station, then you can take a train for Salerno. Lastly, from Salerno u can take a ferry boat for Amalfi.

By car: It’s the common way, it is 3-3,5 hours away from Rome

By moto: nice choice!!

Useful tips

From June to August I suggest to rent a scooter for the following reasons:
Traffic agility
City parking ( Positano haves low number of parkings and they are very very expensive – up to 5 euro per hour )
Seaside parking ( some beach parking is hard to deal with a car )

If you can’t rent a scooter or you have kids, don’t worry, you can use the car or you can use the SITA bus.

The story

I went four times in Costiera Amalfitana and each time is like the first time! Here you have plenty of things to do:

1) Visit the cities
2) Go to beatifule beaches ( the best ones are a little bit hidden, you must know them )
3) Take a ferry boat and to visit other isles ( Ischia, Capri )
4) Eat the best food on the world
5) Trekking ( you MUST at least walk some mile on “path of Gods” – “sentiero degli Dei” in italian )
6) Enjoy the people, they are kind with tourists
7) Take a taste of local wine

In four times I saw a lot of things, I’m so happy to share the pictures!!
This is Positano, where u can find beatiful beaches, shopping stores and much much more. You can take “Mulini Square” as interest point.


This is the view from the path of Gods


This is Cetara sul mare beach. Cetara is a small fishing town


This ferry view is near Amalfi

This is a picture of Duomo Square in Amalfi and following the naval port


This is Fiordo di Furore – Furore town


This is my favourite town, Ravello. I completely falled in love for it.
Ravello is one of the highest town in Costiera Amalfitana. You must absolutely visit: the center, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. If you like the music, you can’t miss the Ravello Festival.

This is Ravello Festival during a musical event


Ravello also has a small beach, is called “Castiglione a Ravello”

This was the view from our hotel in Maiori town:

Let me know if you go in Costiera Amalfitana, I will do my best for help you with your vacation! 😀