Lazio Abruzzo and Molise in 2 days – Part two

We woke up in early morning and we drove to Opi medieval town. It’s one of the smallest town we visited during our trip:


One funny thing, we saw in the medieval center the information about old marriages.. the year was 1891!


The next town was Villetta Barrea, it is on top of the Barrea lake. Riding up before reach the town was very amazing because we saw a gorgeous landscape:


We walked inside Villetta Barrea and we enjoyed the medieval environment


After the lunch we drove crossing for a few kilometers Molise region and we came back to Abruzzo and Lazio 🙂
Next stop was about Montecassino Abbacy:


I took a couple of pictures during the descent from the abbacy:

After driving for many kilometers we reached Gaeta city.. we were tired and we walked taking an ice cream. I took the last pictures of this trip:

Traveling for just two days gave me a lot of emotions, driving with a moto is another thing, it let you feels more free!!

Lazio Abruzzo and Molise in 2 days – Part one

Two years ago me and a friend of mine, Rocco, planned a 2 days trip with our moto. We tought about many paths, but lastly we chose to drive crossing Lazio Abruzzo and Molise italian regions. Wow!

This is the path we traveled:


We tought about to close the first day and to sleep in Avezzano city.
During our trip we unexpectedly saw a lot of medieval towns, they were amazing. I’m speaking about Opi, Barrea, Vallepietra and much more!


Our first stop was in Subiaco


These are a couple of pictures taken inside the town


Walking up to the highest point in Subiaco we faced beatiful views:


This is me!


After Subiaco we chose Jenne as our next stop. Before to reach Jenne we took a break because we could not to resist about taking pictures to the landscape around us:


This is me again, more excited than before!! 🙂

We reached Jenne and one time again we said “wow!”. This was in front of us

Have you ever eaten near a small river? This was my first time. For launch Rocco suggested to eat in a typical place called “Trattoria La Noce”

This was our table 🙂

After the launch we reached the highest point of Vallepietra. Vallepietra it’s famous for his sanctuary inside the mountain

Look the landscape:


Next we saw Trevi nel Lazio Fall, in italian ‘cascate di Trevi nel Lazio’
It is a small fall reachable in a parkland area, after 10 minutes of walking.
This was the first view

This was a short video I took


We were reaching Avezzano when we saw it bottom:

The street during the last kilometers was amazing, we were completely surrounded by the mountains:

The firt part ends here! The second part will begin from Avezzano

A weekend in Turano Lake

For the last weekend I planned to travel alone with my moto, in Lazio and Abruzzo regions.
This is the path I planned for Saturday:

It is composited by multiple medieval towns, the last town to visit is Posticciola, where I booked a room for the night.


This is the return path, I planned to circumnavigate the natural reserve, go back to Turano lake and to visit a beatiful town, Cervara di Roma.
This is the path I planned for Sunday:


During the path I faced stunning views like the following:





This is Orvinio where I met a lot of bikers, I took a coffee with them and we spoke about our current trip:


This is the Turano lake from the top of a mountain where I was coming from:


After some kilometer I saw in front of me Castel di Tora medieval town. I left my moto on a street and I began to walk taking pictures and videos because it was an incredible view


After I went to Castel di Tora walking for the medieval streets:


The next place I saw was the Turano dam. This is the lake side:


This is the mountain side:


The small town in the center is Posticciola, where I slept saturday night:


This is my moto on top of the dam:


I was curious to go ahead for some kilometer and I reached Stipes town. This was the lake view from Stipes:

I was a bit tired, so I went to Posticciola town, I wanted to take a bit of relax. Why Posticciola? Because a friend of mine, Paolo, has a house there and he suggested me to visit that town. I must thank Paolo because it was amazing to visit and to sleep in Posticciola!

Following some picture taken from the town:


I also found a dam view:


Sunday I was excited about to see the natural reserve and I faced amazing street views:


These are pictures taken from Collalto Sabino town


In the middle of the day I reached Cervara di Roma, it is the highest town in Lazio region, 1073 meters.
The street views before the town were exciting


These are a couple of pictures taken inside the town

This weekend was great for me, I visited so many towns and I enjoyed to go alone!!